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Huawei Mobile @huaweimobile
2020-04-05 17:12:14

The #Huawei5GCPEPro can support multiple devices with high speed WIFI. With everyone at home running on uninterrupted 5G, there’s no need to compete for download speeds! #StayConnected

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Huawei Mobile @huaweimobile
2020-04-02 14:31:31

Don’t let lighting get in the way of building your ultimate photo album☀️🌒 Swipe and witness the #HUAWEIP40 camera capabilities at any hour of the day. For more P Series, visit the link in our bio. #VisionaryPhotography #CapturedOnHuawei

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Huawei Mobile @huaweimobile
2020-03-27 19:05:51

Some people use a picture to engage with the world. Some people use a picture to seize a portrait with emotion. Some people use a picture to hug the beauty in the dark. Some people use a picture to tell small stories. Some people use a picture to be here and enjoy the time. With a picture, everyone can be a storyteller. What's your story? Let's see the world through your lenses in #HuaweiNextImage and #CapturedOnHuawei HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 will be officially launched on April 8, stay tuned.

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