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Chris Hemsworth @chrishemsworth
2020-10-22 17:18:26

Basking in the awesomeness of the new tagheuer Carrera chronograph... rumour has it, this timepiece will withstand speeds up to 6,000 mph... unfortunately the human wearing it will not.  #tagheuercarrera #dontcrackunderpressure


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Chris Hemsworth @chrishemsworth
2020-10-21 06:08:30

Turning fear into excitement, drive, motivation and not letting it govern your life. No one knows that better than legendary big wave surfer markmathewssurf an absolute beast of a human with an incredible story check out The Other Side Of Fear on Redbull Tv


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Chris Hemsworth @chrishemsworth
2020-10-19 11:58:51

Terrific first script meeting for “Thor Love and Thunder” with our ever fearless leader Taika Waititi. My notes were so detailed and intense that the only way for Taika to fully absorb them was to roll himself into a tight cocoon and bake in the endless possibilities of where the film will take us. The bloke in the background was equally riveted by my storytelling prowess. taikawaititi #thorloveandthunder marvel


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