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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-10-20 06:30:00

#JiangsuCuisine It is the time of the year that everywhere is filled with the osmanthus fragrance! You may not know that osmanthus is also a great ingredient in many Jiangsu snacks, and one of them is sweet-scented osmanthus and taro. Chinese taro comes onto the market when the osmanthus is on blossom! The smooth, soft taro and osmanthus aroma collide to create a unique flavour that totally satisfies your taste buds.


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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-10-19 06:30:01

#NightlifeinJS With the light and shadow of high-tech, 600-year-old Ming City wall opens a new mode of night tour! The Peking opera masks projected on the Zhonghua Gate, which is also the stage of the live performance, is novelty and dazzle. Accompanied by the exquisite performance of Peking Opera performers, it provides an audio-visual feast and immersive night-time cultural tourism experience for tourists.


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Visit Jiangsu @visitjiangsu
2020-10-17 06:30:01

#JiangsuImpression Wanna take your kids back to nature and enjoy the pure joy together? Lying beneath the starry sky, chasing the Milky Way in the night and waking up early in the morning with the sun shining on your face, does it so awesome that sounds like a fairy tale? All of these can be realized in the 2020 Tiamu Lake Camping Activity. Grab your tents and start a perfect date with your kids here!


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