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Visit Beijing @VisitBeijingOfficial
2020-10-20 11:30:01

Aesthetics, form, and function characterize the striking Mocha Art Center, a cultural and creative space located in Beijing’s Central Business District. The 5,000 square-meter area brings together an array of multi-function banquet halls, international restaurants, and galleries. 🎨 📍Mocha Art Center 📸 @Rickychangphotography #BeijingArt


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Visit Beijing @VisitBeijingOfficial
2020-10-19 11:30:01

Looking west to two iconic towers. One is The White Tower, a stupa on the grounds of the Miaoying Temple, and the other is the former CCTV Broadcast Tower, which were built nearly 1,000 years apart. The current White Tower was built in 1271, but it replaced an earlier incarnation erected in 1096 when today’s Beijing was one of the capitals of the Liao Empire of the Khitan people. The CCTV Broadcast Tower, designed by architect Paulus Snoeren, has been an integral part of the western Beijing skyline since 1992. At 405 meters it was the tallest structure in Beijing prior to the China Zun Tower opening in 2018. 🌇 ⁣ 📍Western Beijing Skyline 📸 Wei Rong #CapitalBeijing


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Visit Beijing @VisitBeijingOfficial
2020-10-18 06:30:01

Every October, the leaves in Beijing put on a show. The star attraction is the city’s Ginkgo trees, which turn a brilliant yellow for a short time each year. Then, as if responding to a secret signal, they drop their leaves all at once in glorious carpets of golden leaves. Optimal places for viewing the Ginkgo are Hongluo and the Dajue Temples, which are home to trees that are more than 1,000 years old! 🍂 📸 齐聪 #NaturallyBeautifulBeijing


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